Monday, August 10, 2015

Hello Stranger

Wow it's been sometime since I last posted.  Over 18mths.  Insane to think of how fast time has gone.

There have been various reasons for the lack of posting.  The main one being I was conflicted once I became a coach and later an affiliate owner (oh yeah will fill you in on that shortly) how appropriate it was to share my inner thoughts with members etc.

But over time I have come to realise I still control what I write and my perspectives and reasons for starting this blog in the first place haven't changed.

So lets update

Lisa the Athlete

Late 2013 I had begun competitive Powerlifting just for some fun. However it escalated fast and before I knew it I was signing up for States, Nationals and even a World title.  Kinda nuts.

Along the way I met some truly exceptional and strong women, but physically but also in character.  They refused to back down to challenges and stereotypes and continued to pursue that which they love.

I loved the grind of Powerlifting training, the heavy sets and reps and feeling my body get stronger.  Wasn't so much a fan of the training solo but sometimes you gotta get it done.  My first loved remained, and always will remain CrossFit.  But this was about me having a pursuit that was mine.

So after a year of competing in 2014 I qualified for the CAPO Australian Team to contest the GPA World Titles to be held in Sydney in November.  To say I was stoked was massive under statement.

The lead up to the event was somewhat disrupted with me buying a CrossFit Affiliate (more on that soon) so I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked to be.  The event itself was a huge day and so draining.  I was however excited to be visited by friends during the day to give me some support.

At the end of the event I was surprised to with the Gold Medal for SHW, Open, Raw Plus.  Pretty exciting stuff for the fat kid from the bush.

I received so much support from the members at my affiliate and friends via Facebook etc.  Made the whole experience surreal.

For the time being I am not competing in any sport, either Powerlifting or Strongman.  My focus is on building my affiliate and being the best coach I can be.  I do know though that at some point in the future I will return to events.

Lisa the Coach

Way back when I started CrossFit I had always dreamt that maybe one day I could be a coach, but I never thought it was something I could do.  I wrote about that experience here .  I began working as a coach and gaining more and more experience.

I loved what I was doing and being able to have this opportunity was something I was truly grateful for.  I had always hoped that one day I could open my own affiliate.  Again not a dream I ever thought I would realise simply because of the potential cost.

The universe works in strange ways and I was presented with an opportunity to purchase the affiliate at which I was working.  Somehow in a chaotic frenzy we managed to pull it off in a limited timeframe.

CrossFit New Beginning 4504 was born.

I was lucky enough to be offered the opportunity to become a kind of sister affiliate with my CrossFit home in Sydney so I could access branding and the name which I loved plus also endless support and coaching.  My affiliate is independently run but I am grateful for the support I have from Matt & James in Sydney. It's reassuring to have someone so experienced to run ideas past.

I still learn every day about being a coach, a head coach and affiliate owner.  There are lots of responsibilities  that I need to keep on top of.  At times it is a heartbreaking thankless job, yes I'll be honest about that.  You don't open an affiliate if you want to win a popularity contest or be carried on a sea of shoulders.  It is most certainly a career of service. You do it out of a desire to help others be all they can be.

However in the same token it is the most rewarding and amazing career, I get to share the love I have for CrossFit and see it change their lives in so many positive ways.  When one of my members gets a PB I'm possibly more excited than they are.  To see someone knew get some confidence under a barbell and start seeing their own potential is just inspiring.  The little changes we make are also huge to the person from helping them hit a squat pain free or move better and not have to rest as much during a WOD.

I love the opportunity I have to work with and develop my assistant coaches.  Guiding them and teaching them to be the best they can be as athletes and coaches.  I am lucky that my 2 coaches I have working alongside me are just as passionate and committed to the box and the members as I am.  It's a great environment to work in.

The box continues to grow and I love seeing the stream of new faces being warmly welcomed into our community by our experienced members, and everyone is made to feel at home immediately.

So for now this is my focus. Learning as much as I can and making my affiliate the best it can be for all of my awesome members.

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