Friday, March 29, 2013

13.2 & 13.3

Life has been so crazy lately I have no idea where the days go. I haven’t had 2 seconds to sit down and write about my ongoing CrossFit Games Open adventures.

WOD 13.2 was announced as

10min AMRAP
5 Clean & Jerks (35kg)
10 Deadlifts (35kg)
15 Box Jumps

As I read this workout when it was released immediately I thought my max score would be 15 as box jumps are something I have yet to master. I was heading to a 1:1 with my coach Adam and I figured we’d be spending the session trying to manufacture a miracle in getting me to jump on the box. However much to my utter astonishment and surprise CrossFit HQ were allowing step ups in the movement standards. I have never been so relieved.

Saturday rolled around and I was pretty determined to just keep moving and stick to the strategy and goal Adam & I had come up with.  3….2….1….GO and we were off. For me now this WOD wasn’t about fighting for a single rep it was more about how far I could push myself through. My goal was between 3-4 rounds and I would be happy. It was a tough WOD but I was happy with my result of punching through 4 rounds and almost starting my 5th.

What was most inspiring for me during that WOD was watching some of the girls at my box fight and struggle to get that 35kg bar overhead. And even when their body stopped them eventually they had kept trying until they had nothing left. I loved seeing the effort not just the successes.

Another week rolls around and we eagerly await the announcement of 13.3. And it’s a big one!!! It’s a repeat of 12.4

12min AMRAP
150 Wall Balls
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle Ups

I knew that I couldn’t get through the wall balls in 12mins so wasn’t concerned about not being able to do the double unders.  However my biggest concern was not being able to get to the depth required for the squat in the wall balls. Biomechanically squatting to below parallel is difficult for me.  I had my 1:1 with Adam and we tested it and I was about an inch short. Did some mobility and stretches and still short. Sigh. To think I could be knocked out of the games for such a basic movement was killing me.

I spent the next 2 days doing every mobility drill and stretch I could to find that extra inch. I tested and retested my squat and no joy. Beyond frustrating.  Event morning rolled around and I was still short on depth.

I was a bit stressed about it to be honest. I spent the morning packing around the box before my heat, alternating between doing mobility to try again and just wandering around praying for a miracle. I went to put on my strength wraps for my wrists that I wear every single workout and have done for months now, they’re like my security blanket. As I pulled the tie on the second one tight the cord broke off. Oh no I thought, could this morning get any worse.  Could not believe it. I took myself off to sit down and was telling Mel about the tie and she turned to me and said the most awesome words, ‘You do know your strength is in your heart don’t you?’.  It kinda took me back a little and I nearly teared up and I quickly replied yes.  Those words were ringing in my ears as I took my place for my heat.

I had my good friend Jan judging for me and before we started I had Jody come over and measure my depth with a PVC pipe so Jan had an idea of where I was. Jody seemed to think I had gotten low enough, which I was totally surprised with.  Bel came around and had us all do one rep so she could make sure we were all good without targets. She checked my depth and said I was down far enough. Well at that point Jan let out a cheer as did a few others and Jody yelled over my goal score was 50reps. Pffffft I thought I was hoping for 10. If I had indeed got to depth I felt like it could have been a fluke.  But anyway I was going to try as hard as I could.  One rep would have been a win for me.

3….2…..1….GO and down I went. I had asked Jan to give me the OK each time I was deep enough so then I could complete the movement. She was getting more and more excited each time she said Yes to each rep.  Before I knew it I had done 30reps and still had 6mins left.  Jan & Pepper were right there pushing me to get to the 50 Jody had set. I was doing sets of 3 then 2 and breaking them up.  

To depth and looking determined
Mel came over at that point when I was getting really tired and once again said ‘your strength is in your heart, keep going’. I remember looking her in the eye and nodding then continuing on.  Every rep I got closer to 50 Jan urged me on further as did Bel.  I could hear lots of people yelling out, Kristie behind me getting excited the more reps I did. 

The last minute and I was past the 50 so Jan and the crew just screamed at me to get more and more reps. I finally finished with 62 reps, and to be honest I could not believe it.  When I finished the WOD I went over and gave Mel a hug. I couldn’t describe what those words meant to me both during and before the event.
So after for 2 workouts I managed to defy my body mechanics and gravity to do things I never thought possible. I haven’t gone into these two events with a negative attitude just saying I couldn’t do it. For both the burpees and squats I tried and tried for the 2 days prior to the event and was not successful. Even minutes before it was Go time still no joy.

Why my body has chosen to perform the unexpected right at the last minute I have no idea but I am eternally grateful.  My goal at the start of the open was to compete all 5 weeks.  And if tomorrow I can get at least one 43kg lift overhead then I will be back next week.  That for me is a win in itself and I will be super proud of my efforts. I have fought for every rep and even when I thought something was impossible I kept trying. I’ll taken a lot of lessons out of this 5 weeks that I can and will apply to not only my CrossFit but also my life.

My strength is in my heart and that’s the best advice I have been given and will stick with me forever.

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