Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Leap of Faith

Box jumps are my weak spot (one of many, but you get that!).  They are something I so badly want to do but just haven’t been able to do one as yet.

To be honest I can’t even make myself jump up onto that box.  I stand in front of it but just can’t make myself leap.

Today with my PT, AC we started a program of working on some of the areas I want to improve on in Crossfit.  We did some solid deadlifts to improve strength, managed to do 5 reps at 80 which is the most I have done at that weight, did a couple of sets of those.

We worked on skipping and trying to get even one double under.  I got a great speed rope for my birthday and it does make skipping easier…..until you miss. Have a couple of nice welts on my arms and legs.

Next we hit the box jumps.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I am not the most agile person and don’t have a lot of the explosive movements used in something like jumping, so I find it quite difficult.  It is very much a confidence thing as well.

AC had me start with just a normal aerobic step with no risers, jump 5x then gradually add risers to bump up the height.  My previous PB was around 13in a few weeks ago and I haven’t tried really since then.  We continued the cycle of adding risers, 5 jumps and so on.  Eventually we past the 13inches, I felt really good and really confident doing the jumps.  I didn’t hesitate over any of them.  AC brought over a small box of about 14in.  Now this is where I struggle. I find my perception of the landing area to be quite small and I can’t see how I could land successfully on it.  AC got me to step up on it a couple of times so I could feel & see I would fit.  I stepped back and jumped, landing it perfectly.  I looked down from the box with a massive smile and was so happy. Did it 5x and was feeling good.

We went back to the step with still more risers, eventually was confidently hitting 6 risers high.  AC brought over the 20in box and straight away I could feel the hesitation. I stood and tried to jump but could not get my feet too lift.  AC got me back on the step trying to land with feet together so I could get the feel for that.

Hit it each time without blinking. But walk back in front of the box and I just couldn’t make the jump.  Silly it might seem as the height difference was nothing. I don’t know why I can’t jump onto it. Whether it is the shape of the box or something else but my body will not respond.

As I’ve mentioned before a lot of movements in Crossfit require total commitment to the action otherwise there is no way you will make the movement stick. Whether it be a heavy lift, or a gymnastic movement you need to fully commit and not hesitate. 

Logically I now know I can do a box jump and I am thrilled with my improvement over such a short time, and I know I can eventually get the full Rx height. However I need to find a way to overcome my ‘fear’ of jumping on that box, and take the leap of faith required to get there.

I don’t know the solution as yet, but there will be a trigger that gets me to commit and land the jump. I will keep working and keep searching.

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  1. You will get it soon my friend, I have absolute faith in you. I know for a fact you can and will do it! Onwards and upwards!! :)