Monday, September 23, 2013

On my way back!

To say the last couple of months have been challenging has to be the understatement of the year.  Life has been hectic and business busy, and doing more of what I love which is coaching CrossFit.

I guess now I need to break my little CrossFit Journey into two parts, that of coach and athlete.

The Athlete

There hasn’t been a lot to write about in this regard. I’ve been battling a virus of sorts which has left me suffering extreme fatigue and unable to do much. Running my PT business and working in the box has taken a lot of my energy reserves.

I’ve done a handful of training sessions but nothing to what I was.  However I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to do some technique based sessions with elite CrossFitter and coach Hannah Caldas. In just the first few moments of our initial session she identified some strength deficiencies in my glutes. She sees movement exceptionally clearly and has a way of coaching that fills you with total belief you can do whatever it is she suggests.

During our first session she managed to help me get to a full depth Overhead Squat with 20kg, a feat I’ve only ever done with a broomstick! To say I was happy is an understatement! I minor miracle. In session 2 I landed a 50kg Front Squat, again to depth.

Regular followers of this blog will know the trials & tribulations I have had with my squat. So these two achievements are something else.

Another source of frustration for me this year was the fact I seemed to have lost my deadlift. Even 100kg has been impossible to get off the ground.  I love my deadlift and it’s been very disappointing.   In a strength session with my coach Nat we played with the deadlift and I somehow managed to get 115kg up which was a huge confidence boost.  And in a CFT session with Hannah I got 120kg up. Getting closer to my 125kg PB finally.

On the weekend we had a CFT day as a box. In the first session in the morning the crew all worked their lifts to get new 1RM’s across Strict Press, Back Squat & Deadlift. After our crew finished the coaches gave it a crack.

A lot of the members hung around to watch us and lend support, was a fantastic energy in the box.  I did well in the first 2 movements and couldn’t wait for the deadlift.  Hannah had told me earlier in the week I just had to believe in myself so I went in with a confident mindset.  I didn’t think about the number on the bar, I just walked up to each lifted and stood it up.  I felt good when the lighter lifts felt easy, even 100kg cruised up. Before I knew it I had hit my existing PB of 125. Next lift was 130kg and without much thought I lifted it. BOOM new PB!! I was pretty bloody happy I can tell you. I tried for 135kg but wasn’t to be.

130kg BOOM!!

One of the cool things of the morning was doing my CFT with Bel, our head coach and someone who I admire greatly. She has been through a massive journey over the last year to overcome injury and the confidence sapping effects on that. To see Bel getting back to where she was pre injury is testament to her determination and being prepared to doing the painstaking rehab work. That was what made the day for me.

Bel in full focus mode

So now I am feeling okish and last week I did a full week of training and pulled up ok. So for now I am going to push on while I feel good.  Am working on some new strength goals and have a plan and some direction.  Operation #leanmeanstronghethro has commenced. Let’s just hope the body continues to play nice.

The Coach

Every single day I am learning so much as coach. I learn from my fellow coaches at the box, from watching and listening to other coaches and by endlessly studying articles and videos on movements and coaching.

I continue to learn about better ways to structure a class and figuring out which cues work for the various members we have at the box.  I do know it is something I love to do completely and get such a buzz out of seeing our athletes achieve things they didn’t think they could.  It’s an amazing position to be in to have a front row seat to watch athletes develop and grow.

Coaching during CFT

There are many things I am yet to learn and experience and I know there are things I can improve upon, but this part of my CrossFit Journey has only been in existence for the last 3 months. I’m not arrogant enough to think I am the best coach on 2 legs.  I know I am not but I am always open to learn about how I can improve.

I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by people I consider to be excellent coaches, both in my immediate circle and also other coaches I have worked with.  They are so free with their knowledge and advice it makes my life a lot easier.

We also have one of the best communities at CrossFit North Lakes. The crew is very supportive & encouraging and we work together well. Everyone trains with integrity and really gives their all. We have a lot of fun even when working hard.  

Some of our awesome community

So it’s been a big few months and now am back to some routine and some training I hope to keep this little blog a bit more updated!!  Lots of good things happening and I can't wait to see what the next few weeks brings.

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  1. Well written. Love your insight and your gratitude shines throughout this article. You are a fantastic coach. Gratitude. ;-) Wiggle Wiggle.