Monday, January 30, 2012

An so it begins...........

The line in the sand has been drawn and it’s time to get on with reshaping my life and myself.  Today starts a 14 week assault on losing every excess kilo and becoming fitter, leaner, meaner and more focused.
I did not train at all last week. Once again I sadly failed and let life’s issues overcome me.  I spent the weekend prior in Melbourne and this last weekend I went home to Queensland.  On both occasions I drank way too much and ate too much junk.  I was letting go. But that’s been & gone, I can’t change it all I can do it move forward.  I can’t keep using this situation to make excuses for not bothering to care, or to give up.  I don’t deserve that.
I have carefully planned my food for the next 2 weeks and am meeting with my Crossfit coach Sam today to finalise that and my Crossfit plan. I have set some goals and we’ll work on seeing if they are appropriate and also specific enough.  I have to commit my full focus for the next 14 weeks.  This is too important for me not too.  I owe my best effort to all the people who care for & support me regardless of where I am at.
The first round of 12WBT kicks off in 2 weeks.  So I am using the last 2 weeks of pre season to get a running start.  I have booked a Dexa Scan for Fri Feb 10 so that will be my benchmark starting point.  I will have another one 6 weeks later and a final one in week 12 of the program.  I am aiming to maintain my current lean muscle & to strip body fat % as much as possible.  The targets I have set for myself are a big ask, but I do know they are certainly achievable.  It will just take focus and commitment on my part.
With everything else feeling as though it is falling apart or out of control I need something I can do for me.  Something I can totally control and something that only I can do.  I have spent a lot of the last couple of years supporting everyone else and helping their dreams become a reality.  I have learned that I need to focus on me & my dreams; because it isn’t necessarily the case anyone is going to drop everything to help me.  You can’t rely on anyone else for your dreams; if you do you will always be disappointed.
I am not saying I am alone.  I have people who support & encourage me and want me to succeed.  But at the end of the day if I want this to work I have to do it myself.  I have to follow through on the commitments.  And when I succeed it will make it all the better because I know I did it without having to use anyone else as a crutch.
This will get hard at times.  My commitment will waver.  I will get tired and lose focus.  I will hate myself and decide I can’t be bothered. It is by my actions during those times that will determine my success or failure. At those times I will need a push, a reminder of what I am doing this for and why.  That is where my supporters will step in.  They will see I am struggling and will be there to give me that reminder.  I trust them to do that.  If I can push through those times then my resolve will be stronger and the success more certain.
I’m not promising to get everything right every day.  I’m not promising to make the best decision every time.  I am promising to try with everything I have.  I am promising to commit 100% to this process. I am promising to trust my coaches & trainers. I am promising to work harder than I ever have before.
And so it begins…………..


  1. I wish there was a Like button. Go Lisa. : )

  2. Love the dermination in your 'voice' :-) Go get those goals, you deserve every success!