Thursday, April 25, 2013

Do or Do Not, There is no Try

Over the last 2 months I have learnt a lot about myself and my capacity to get things done. During the 5 weeks of the CrossFit Games Open I astounded myself week in and week out with what I was able to do. For anyone else they may be small wins but to me they were major achievements. I jumped higher, squatted lower and swung higher than I ever thought I could. I achieved my goal of registering a score each and every week.  To me that was a success. There was not one event where I felt like I could have given more.

However during the last couple of weeks I’ve also been faced with major disappointments regarding my progress and development.  It’s no secret that strength is my thing. I like to move heavy things around and keep trying for heavier and heavier. I recently did some 1RM testing with my coach during a 1:1 and the results were disappointing. Not even close to my existing PR’s let alone surpassing them.

It was however a simple reflection on where my training has been at. I haven’t been able to do the regular strength work I would have done by getting to daily CrossFit sessions. With my business growing I am more often than not booked with clients at the same time the box is open. I do my own training and met cons daily, but let’s face it there is no substitute for heavy bar work, regularly.

I was really frustrated at the results, for many reasons. Firstly I am working hard day after day with my clients and helping them kick some serious butt with their goals, and I very much like to ‘walk my talk’ so to speak with them.  I want them to see that I still train hard and focus on clean eating so I can be the best I can for my goals. I was also frustrated from the perspective that I had my next strongman event fast approaching. 

So rather than just sit, sulk and be frustrated and sought solutions to my issues that were preventing me from doing the training I needed to do.  I asked around and found a facility where I could go in and do my own strength program, at times that worked for me. I then consulted with my coach to develop a specific strength program.

I am very grateful to have had the support of a lot of experienced and talented coaches behind me to bounce ideas around with and also to have them guide me.  So the plans are developed and now it’s time to implement them. I’ve worked out adequate time in my schedule for when I can train, and still get my required rest & recovery.  My business and my clients will still get the same focus as will the other key areas of my life.  It’s time to get it done.

After initially considering withdrawing from the Strongman comp I decided to still go and compete. I am not a quitter and have never backed away from a challenge.  I reset the expectations I had and decided that I would use the event for experience and for fun.

Event day dawned and with heaps of messages of support and encouragement ringing in my ears I headed to the day. 

First event was the deadlift, Max Reps in 90sec at 80kg.  I was glad this was the first event as it would be a good chance to get my confidence up. Even though 80kg was heavy I knew for me it was manageable. I just had to keep on it and pace myself. As I stepped up to the bar for my turn I took a deep breath and just went.  I was happy with my score of 90reps

Next up was the 20m 50kg each hand Farmer Carry.  Once again I was feeling pretty comfortable with this event as I have done 60kg in a previous event. Once again I stepped up, took a breath and just went. I managed to complete the distance in 13.32secs, which I was happy enough with.

Third event was the log press. Max reps at 35kg ground to overhead in 90secs. I was a little apprehensive about this one as I haven’t been able to practice with a log prior to the event. Dur to its size it makes the weight seem more awkward and heavier. I managed to get out 9 reps in the time allowed and overall I was happy with that.

Next up was the tyre flip. Now I was truly unsure if I could even get this damn thing in the air. Not sure of the exact weight but it was the biggest tyre (both in dimension and weight) that I have ever tried to flip.  We had to cover 20m in 90sec.  I did the first couple of flips ok but then just began to struggle. Couldn’t get enough drive with the initial push and needed about another inch of drive to enable me to get under it to complete the flip. I failed at 2 lifts and managed one more and finished the event at just 12m.  I was feeling pretty frustrated about that result as I expected to do a bit better as I usually have no issue with tyre flipping.  But again my lack of strength prep really was showing.  Still, frustrating and to be honest I’m still a bit pissed about it.

Final event of the day…….the one I was dreading. Max Reps in 90sec 60kg Atlas Stone to a 1m high barrel.  I was not expecting to register a single rep in this event. The heaviest stone I’d ever lifted was 50kg over 18mths ago. I had attempted the 60kg at a training session about 6 weeks ago and could only get it about 1cm off the ground. But I was determined to try as hard as I could. If I failed it wouldn’t be through lack of effort.

I stepped up for my go and I tried and tried and tried. That damn stone wouldn’t move. I had Scott and Bec giving me some awesome advice for each attempt and the crowd cheering me on.  One minute down and still no joy. I stepped up again, set myself and got my fingers as far under that stone as I could, I started to lift and it stuck. Before I knew it I had it on my lap and was regripping for the drive to the barrel. I stood and pushed with all I had and got it up. I just threw my arms in the air as the crowd cheered. For me it felt like I’d won the event.

Overall I finished 8th in my division, and I was ok with that.  I’d had a really limited prep and to be honest I did the best I could. That was my last event for a while I think as I need to really get into my new program and work on the areas I need to.  I have some specific goals that I personally am now driving towards.  Once I feel ready and have some decent prep I’ll then consider different events.

So now it’s time to get it done. For me the equation is simple, ‘do or do not, there is no try’. I simply have to do.


  1. Well done Lisa. Awesome effort and you are a legend in my eyes. Love seeing your progress and reading about your events.

  2. Inspiring as always my awesome friend :)
    Sal x