Thursday, March 22, 2012

Triple WOD

Yesterday was a big day.
My usual 1:1 got moved from Thursday to Wednesday and Sam had indicated to me that I should be ok to back up and do the WOD after as she was taking me through different movements.  So I was prepared for a double workout.
As per usual her 1:1 session was mentally challenging and physically tough. More of a strength session this time with a nasty cardio burst to keep the heart rate up.  To warm up we did some skipping and worked on double unders.  Working on double unders for me usually involves lots of frustration and pain from the welts when I miss.
Sam identified something in my technique to try, slowing down my single skips and working on jumping higher.  Getting myself into a rhythm and then trying to flick my wrists faster to get the double under. Did a few single skips working on the tempo and we think that I may have actually got my first double under. Narrowly missed the next few attempts as need to jump just a fraction higher. But I never ever thought I would get one so to have one gives me hope there may be more out there one day!
The WOD she had planned for me was short and sharp, but challenging.
2 rounds for time
400m Sandbag Run 2x 7.5kg sandbags
30 sec Knee Tuck Hold
20 Push Ups (using a thinner band than previously)
10 x 40kg Back Squats
Warmed up all the movements and also on my squat mobility. Some days my squat is better than others and yesterday was managing to get to almost parallel in the back squats.  I did feel more comfortable with the depth with weight on this time around.
And before I knew it, the clock counted down and it was time to work hard. I set off on the first run around the 400m with those damn sandbags. They are super awkward to carry and you don’t want to put them down as it is hard to pick them up and readjust them. 
At the start of the workout Sam anticipated a 10-15min effort, I laughed and said well it normally takes me close to 5-6min to get around the 400m without sandbags. So imagine my surprise when I got back after the first run in a time of 3m20s.  I thought the clock was wrong.  I had moved as fast as I could only walking the steepest bit of the hill and didn’t stop at all on either lap.
I noticed a few improvements during the WOD like being able to hold a knee tuck for longer than before and also going to a thinner band for the push ups. As well as pushing the depth in my back squats.
I finished the WOD in 15m55s which all in all I was happy with. I didn’t really have a rest per se in the workout. I broke the push ups down into sets of 5, and shook the legs out after 5 reps in the back squat but never put the bar back on the rack. 
Bit of a rollout and stretch and I was ready for WOD 2. This WOD had one of my favourite elements being the Deadlift, and I knew I could Rx the weight. The other element being a rope climb I don’t have as yet. 
However as we warmed up the movements Marc had me get myself up onto the rope and try move my hands up a few times.  Was happy that I got myself up there unassisted and was feeling more comfortable being up there. Next step will be drawing my feet up and going a little higher. I will get there.
My version of the WOD was
AMRAP in 10mins
5 Rope Pulls (from ground to standing)
3 x 60 kg Deadlift
Each round increase the Deadlifts by 3 reps.
The rope pulls are hard as I am having to lift my whole bodyweight up off the floor but I can feel the increased strength in my arms and also being a bit lighter I am doing them quicker.  And the Deadlifts I can do all day with the right weight. As the reps got higher though I did break some sets up.
I managed to get through the rounds to complete 15 Deadlifts and then 10 Deadlifts in the set of 18.  The last 10 Deadlifts I did in under a minute but that was helped by Marc standing there pushing me telling me not to let go of the bar and to give him 10. Always motivating.
After that WOD I stretched out and rolled my legs considering if I had one more WOD in me. After 10 or so mins of recovery I decided that yep I could do something else. I made up my own cardio blast WOD as a finisher
3 rounds for time
Row 500m
10 x GHD Sit Ups
I am working on my core strength as it will help me do a lot more of the movements I currently struggle with. If I can use my core to full effect I can lift more, and also hold my body weight better on things like pull ups and push ups.
So I took myself and my new stopwatch off to the rower and got going. I tried to keep the intensity up myself without having anyone to push me. I kept my rowing to a 2m04s pace which is not far from my PR time for 500m.  I struggled with the GHD sit ups but I am trying to build confidence on that.
Got through it in 11m55s which all in all I was happy with.
Have to say I was pretty shattered after 3 WOD’s.  I know lots of people do that but for me it was a pretty big achievement. Just to notice the improvement in my work capacity and ability to push harder.
Another notable moment this week was that I signed up for my first Crossfit games day.  I wasn’t going to as I don’t think I have enough of the requisite skills to really participate. But after discussing it with Sam, she totally encouraged me to go in it. No spectating for me.
So I went home and with much trepidation I entered.  Ironically this blog was started to track my progress towards being a competitive athlete.  I’m not sure if this games day counts as such but it is an important first step on that path.  I am very nervous already and intimidated. But there will be a good crew of Crossfit Parramatta peeps there to give support & encouragement.
It’s all about extending my limits!!

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