Friday, March 9, 2012

Milestone WOD - D Day

Yesterday was D day, revisiting my milestone WOD.  Last time I completed it in 30m16s and the goal this time was 25m.
In the days leading up to it I was feeling pretty apprehensive about the WOD and how I would go in the WOD and with the goal.  I knew how brutal it was and how much I struggled last time.  To take 5mins off the time seemed impossible to me. 
I had 2 schools of thought however.  I knew how much work I had done in the last 4 weeks and seen so many improvements I couldn’t help but feel that surely I would see some betterment in this workout. On the flipside, knowing how hard it was I was concerned I would simply run out of gas and worst case scenario it would take me longer. But the one thing I did know for sure is that I was going to leave nothing behind, I would give it everything.
Yesterday morning I was talking to a friend about how nervous I was and she told me I had to give it absolutely everything because………..Pain is temporary and quitting is forever. Appropriate thought just when I needed it. I kept focusing on that thought throughout the day.
So to refresh your memory the Milestone WOD looks like this:
3 Rounds for time
10 Rope Pulls (from ground to standing)
20 Lateral Burpees (sliding sideways under a bar)
30m Walking Lunge with 7.5kg sandbag overhead.
This WOD hurts. It is just pure hard work from beginning to end. Everything burns and hurts.  Last time I did this I struggled to get my breath and took longish recovery breaks partic during the burpees. It was hard to focus and so many times I wanted to stop and didn’t think I could get it done.
Before we got underway Sam told me not to worry about the time, even if it took longer than before, just get it done. If I felt at the end I could not have given any more then that was all she would ask.
So with a deep breath it was time…….. 3..2..1….GO
I got through the first set of rope pulls fairly quickly. I wanted to give myself as much time as I could to face the burpees. 

The thing I struggle with the most.  I knew they would hurt.  I felt so slow doing them, even though I had realised I was doing them quicker than last time as I was jumping in and out a bit better.  I felt like I was doing a lot but Sam would give me the count and I was only up to 6. I felt like they would take forever.

I got through them and hit the walking lunges. My arms were burning from the burpees and holding that sandbag overhead was so hard. I was determined to make it through each lap of 10m without stopping however, which I did. Just taking a short breath when I turned around to go again.

Finished the first round and I checked the time and I was on track. I felt happy with how I was going and a little surprised.  The second round I threw everything into it and tried as hard as I could. Everything is harder second time around.  Burpees slowed me up yet again but I kept pushing through.
By the time I got to my third round I was really tired.  I checked the time after the rope pulls and saw I was already at 22mins and still had the burpees and walking lunges to go. Immediately I felt a little deflated that I felt I wouldn’t make 25mins and the thought crossed my mind that perhaps I wouldn’t make the 30mins.  I resolved to just push as hard as I can to beat my prev time, no matter by how much.  I felt so slow and heavy doing the burpees. I was trying to do as many back to back without a break as I could. I just wanted to get it done.
After what seemed an eternity I got through them and went straight to the lunges.  I didn’t look at the clock at all. I focused on getting through the 30m as fast as I could. As I finished I turned around and Sam called time and I was stunned to hear it was 25m49s.  I couldn’t believe I had gotten so close to my goal when at one point I thought I was no chance.  Was a 4m 27s improvement on my time from 4 weeks previously.  Massive improvement.  I lay on the floor completely spent, drowned in sweat.  I just couldn’t believe I had actually done it.
I haven’t felt that sense of achievement for a long time.  It was a good feeling to have.  I felt like that my effort & results went some way to repaying Sam for the time & effort she has put into me over the last few weeks.  I have worked every bit as hard as I promised her I would and she has given me so much support it has made it easy for me to turn up & train hard. 
I’m already thinking of what I can improve on in 4 weeks time. I intend to work hard on my burpees over the next 4 weeks and the mobility drills to help make them easier. Also will gradually be shedding more weight so will make the rope pulls easier.  I will keep pushing to become better, to become more.
I already feel stronger physically & mentally than I did 4 weeks ago. My head wasn’t telling me to quit this time around, it was telling me to keep going, stop resting. This is a new thing for me as in the past my head has been my biggest enemy.  I could feel my body responding when I asked more of it, pushing through where I had previously stopped.
It’s not easy for me. There are some days when I don’t see the point and I don’t want to do it anymore.  I just want to withdraw from the world and hide.  But I make myself get up and do what needs to be done. And those are the sessions I think where I make the biggest gains.  I know the hard work needs to be done.  I have to push myself relentlessly as until I reach my weight/size/physical goals there is no reason to stop, there can be no excuse big enough to derail me from what needs to be done.  This isn’t a choice anymore for me, it’s a have to do. And I will keep doing it whilst ever there are goals to chase down.
Pain is temporary………quitting is forever. I’m not quitting.

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