Monday, February 6, 2012

A week in review

Last week was insanely difficult for a host of reasons.  Sadly most of those reasons aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  I need to figure out how best to manage myself and my life within the current situation.
On the flipside I did have a couple of big wins last week which helped me get through it.  I hit a PR’s on Fran, Push Press & discovered I could squat to full depth.  Saturday I managed to get through 2 gruelling WOD’s, both with common elements.  I also got to introduce a group of friends to the world of Crossfit.
All of the people who turned up for the intro session I arranged with AC at our box were exceptionally nervous about the session.  Yet at the same time very excited to see what all the fuss was about.  Before the session started they gathered in little groups nervously chatting to each other.  My coached Sam & Marc are the most amazing people.  They are so supportive of everyone and just want as many people to get the benefits from Crossfit.  As soon as the warm up started they made everyone feel comfortable and at ease.
First part of the warm up was a 200m run to show everyone where they would be running in the main WOD.  Second part after some stretches was a set of Tabata Squats.  Met with unanimous joy by all participants.  Well not quite but they gave it a good crack.  I had a chance to put my new squat ability to the test and did well with 14 being my lowest score for the sets.  A PR in itself.
Sam & Marc had designed a team WOD for the crew with 4 teams of 4.  One of the girls hadn’t arrived so Sam jumped into one of the teams. 
The WOD was:
10min AMRAP
Box Jumps
Kettlebell Swings
Run 200m
So each person started on a station and then rotated through.  The timing was based on however long it took for the 200m run to be completed.  Scoring was the total reps for KB swing s and box jumps.
Most of these guys train as individuals and rarely get the chance to work out as part of a team. It was great to see everyone urging everyone else on and wanting their team to do well.  At the end of the 10 minutes there were a lot of very tired people. Lots of big smiles however and a real buzz in the air.   Some of them got to try things they had never done before like box jumps or kettlebell swings. Every single person stepped up to the challenge.  I never heard one person say they couldn’t do something.  They gave it a try and were surprised at what they could do.
I’m really proud of each and every one of them for getting out of their comfort zones and really giving it all they had.  Hopefully we’ll get a few converts to Crossfit out of the session!!
My session beforehand was the hero WOD ‘Hildago’
For Time:
Run 2 miles (3.2km)
Rest 2 minutes
20 Squat cleans 60/40kg
20 Box jumps 24/20″ box
20 Walking lunge steps with 20/15kg plate held overhead
20 Box jumps 24/20″ box
20 Squat cleans 60/40kg
Rest 2 minutes
Run 2 miles (3.2km)
Obviously I was going to need some serious scaling! As I had been having issues with my knee which had stopped me running I ‘assumed’ I wouldn’t be running and would have to at least row some huge amount.  When I arrived Sam gave me the news that yes I would be running, but it would only be 1km. Joy
Because I haven’t been running at all really I have lost significant confidence in it, I wasn’t even sure I could cover the 1k.
As a trade off to the shorter run I wouldn’t be getting the 2min rest breaks that are part of the WOD.
My Squat Cleans were only 15kg and the weight for the Lunge was 5kg.
Even though I can now squat to depth, I don’t have the confidence as yet to do it under weight.  I’m still not sure I can get back up as it is still a new skill for me.  During the WOD, Marc was telling me to get lower in the Squat but my body was only taking me so far.  I discussed it after the workout with Sam and in my 1:1 sessions we will now build strength and confidence in my squats so that way in a WOD I can reach a good depth.
The workout was insanely hard.  Took me 30m33s to get my version done & I was shattered.  I was particularly happy with how I went on the run.  I only walked up the one big hill and ran the rest of the way.  Was a big improvement and I know Sam wants to get me back running in these workouts.  I know she is going to keep pushing me to do more runs and usually when I’m told to do something I just shut up & do it.
I felt like it was a big achievement for me to finish 2 fairly intense WOD’s in one day.  The first was a gruelling endurance one and the second was a short sharp sprint.  Both had their challenges and coming at the end of a long week of training it was hard, mentally & physically.
Last week was my most consistent week at Crossfit.  I did 8 sessions in 6 days, which included one of my own at home.
I made a commitment to Sam over a week ago that I would work hard and give her 100% effort.  Whenever I have made this commitment in the past to a trainer I have always kept up my end of the bargain and more.  I just need to know & feel like they are meeting me halfway and are invested in helping me reach my goals.  Sam promised to push me harder and challenge me and that she has done.  She has been excited by my wins and helped push me forward when I got stuck.
So now we start another week.  I know that personally it will be just as challenging and painful as the last month or so.  Like I said earlier that’s not going anywhere.  So I need to fill my time and energy training as hard as I can each and every day so that somewhere in there I may find me.


  1. The photos showed that everyone certainly worked hard! Well done on introducing some newbies - you may even have created a few converts :)

    It is so good to hear that you are back to being committed to your training. Sam sounds like she has your number and is going to hold you to it! Good luck this week. Taking one day at a time will get you there. x

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to dip a toe into your crossfit world, Lisa! That session was hard work and so much fun. I'd never picked up a kettle bell before, and before i knew it, it was swinging from below eye level to over the top of my head. Amazing. Im hooked!

    I could tell just by observing your group before us, that there really is a great community feel. Good on you for your getting those deep squats and the run!

  3. Yes we were nervous & excited ! I cannot believe in such a short, albeit felt like hours, we were able to burn so many cals. I can easily see how goals could be set & met with the training & support in Crossfit ! Wow what a week for you...8 sessions in 6 days awesome !