Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From PB to dead arse last

I really struggled today. Mentally, emotionally & physically

This afternoon I had some hard stuff to deal with before I got to the session so was feeling pretty fragile before I got there.

The workout was intense.....10 rounds for time of 15 40kg deadlifts and 15 push ups.  In total 150 reps of each.

I can't do a full push up as yet so scaling was banded push ups. By the end of the workout I swear Marc had put every band they owned onto me just to help.

This workout was so much harder than I anticipated.  By round 6 I wasn't sure I could finish.  By round 8 I didn't want to finish.  I was hot & exhausted and mentally gone.  It took every ounce of strength I had to keep going.  My coaches were encouraging me and pushing me to get it done.  I even had a little cry during the push ups in round 8.

I was miles behind everyone else and that was making me feel slow and awkward.  Everyone was getting behind me and pushing me along.  I finally finished in 23m54s and wanted to die when it was over.  I just went outside and lent on the big tyre, arms and legs shaking. Not sure if I wanted to throw up or not.

Yes the win was in finishing but I really felt crap about it after.  I felt like I should have done more and done better. Like I didn't work hard enough.  Maybe my coaches were disappointed in me.  I felt so good after last nights WOD and PB to today's strugglefest.

It's been a hard month so far and everything just gets to the point when it's just all too much.  That was where I was today. It gets to a point when the constant fight just eats away at you & some days you can't fight as much.

I don't know what tomorrow will bring.  Well one thing I do know is that it will bring more training. And another opportunity to test myself.

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  1. Well now you have something to beat. Be determined that that will be your worst effort at that and next one you will kill it. Don't let it beat you.
    I know I love seeing someone fight through something and finish no matter how slow. They are the true conquerers in sport.