Friday, November 18, 2011

Why Not You?

Why not you?

I saw this quote posted on Facebook this morning and began to consider it’s implication in my life.

I am guilty of forever downplaying my needs and goals.  Quite often putting them to one side so that I may help others with what is important to them.  I just figure mine can wait. If someone close to me wants or needs something then I am the first person to drop everything I have going on and be there to help.

When I do achieve something I always find a way to downplay it so only see what could be improved.  In the 4 big runs I did this year I wasn’t happy with any of them bar one.  There was always something: I came last, it was hard, walkers beat me blah blah blah.  When I played golf no matter what the score I could always think of at least 10 shots I could have improved on.

Part of this comes from my perfectionist & driven personality which developed over my life for a variety of reasons.  I am very much an all or nothing person. If I decide to so something then I am all in, no half way.  Probably explains the physical condition I found myself in 18mths ago. 

I realise these attitudes & behaviours aren’t the ideal way to live a life.  But it is a hard road to change a lifetime of learned behaviours.

There is one place however where I don’t put my goals aside for everyone else, I don’t put my priorities on the backburner. That place……….the box.

Yes I still care about what my friends are doing and that they are achieving their goals. Yes I support & encourage all of them through the WOD.  But before I get to that I have my own work to finish first.  I have to do what I stepped in here to do.  This is where I do feel free to answer the question ‘Why Not Me?’ with a big ‘Yes this is Me’. I don’t feel selfish in this space, I don’t feel worried about causing offence or upsetting people. 

I can be me.  I come to this place to achieve my goals. I come here to work hard for me. Why? Because I am worth it.

Now if only I could apply that to my daily life……….

So how about you? What makes you so undeserving of all the richness life has to offer?  If I had one guess I would say nothing. We all deserve the happiness & success we seek. We all deserve to feel fulfiled, loved & supported.

So, again, why not you?

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