Friday, April 6, 2012

Week 8 Milestone WOD

What a day!!!

Yesterday it was time to crack into one of my Milestone WOD's.  There are a couple that I have to choose from and both challenge me mentally as well as physically.

My coach Sam sent me a text yesterday afternoon and told me she wasn't going to be able to take my session and instead Marc would be doing it.  My heart froze because I thought that Marc would definitely kill me. He has a very good way of pushing you hard and not letting you ease up.  Normally when Sam trains me he is there and often yells out for me to keep going or stop resting. I always feel like I am slacking off when he chimes in.

Sam also gave me the news that she'd told Marc to put me through my least favourite of the 2 workouts.

3 rounds for time
3 x 70kg Deadlifts
6 x 35kg Clean & Jerk
9 x GHD Sit ups
30m Prowler Drag
30m Prowler Low Push
200m Sprint

I last did this WOD 3 weeks ago.  It took me 32m50s and it killed me, mentally & physically. I almost had tears during the WOD. It shattered me body, mind & spirit.  Here is the post I wrote about it at the time.

So it was with much trepidation I rocked up to the session.  I had been feeling emotionally flat & drained all day. Even as far as saying I was feeling a bit fragile. I really wasn't sure what I could do.  I knew how hard the session would be (even before I knew the WOD), and I wasn't sure I was capable of getting through it without dissolving into tears halfway through.

As usual some tough love and stern words of advice from my chief arse kicker Hoffy got me through the door.

We warmed up all the movements and did 200 single skips to get the heart pumping. Marc helped me with my technique on the Clean & Jerks to make the movement more efficient and also to stop my knees getting so bruised.

He told me we would be trying to do this WOD as efficiently as possible with quick transitions between movements and minimal rest.  He would allow me only one drink stop for the WOD.  Some people use getting endless drinks as a way of resting but he said it's only 30mins or less and I wasn't going to die from dehydration. I knew he wasn't going to let me back off.  My goal was to get below 30mins for this WOD.


Smashed through the deadlifts and onto the clean & jerks. Last time I was quite slow on these and by the 3rd round was breaking them up into singles.  Yesterday I was doing them almost unbroken and Marc gave me another tip during the WOD for making them more efficient. When I changed my technique I did find them easier to get through.  Every time I stopped he would count down my rest and then back onto it.

Next was the GHD sit ups, I managed to get into and out of the GHD a little better and also felt like I got through them better.  Marc was continually encouraging me & telling me I was doing so well timewise.  He was totally different to how I thought he would be. Still pushing and keeping me going but not too hard arse.  Still when he says do something I don't question it!!

Moved onto my least favourite movement...........the Prowler.  I don't mind pulling it as I find that ok, I kinda use that for recovery to get my breath. It's the low push that shatters me.  Last time this was so hard. I would lose momentum and stop half way along. But yesterday I felt like I was pushing it harder and maybe a bit quicker.

I wasn't looking at the time as I just had to focus on the movements as this is such a hard session for me.  Headed off on the run and Marc came with me so I knew there'd be no slowing down  to a walk.  Just keep pushing.  I'm not fast but just had to find a pace I could stick to and keep moving.

Back into the box, chalk on hands and into round 2!!  Again the deadlifts are ok for me and a chance to breathe after the run. Moved though the clean & jerks and onto the GHD. Did the set of sit ups unbroken.

Pete & Theresa where there and were continually yelling encouragement.  It really does make a difference to have people supporting you and pushing you to do more.  That's one of the things I love about Crossfit.  Marc kept saying I was smashing my time but I just wanted to keep moving.  By the time I got through the Prowler sets in the second round I was feeling pretty shattered.  I knew I had to keep going. Pete came out on the run leg with Marc & I for the second round. Kept me moving, when all I wanted to do was walk.

Final round. Marc said something about I could go sub 20mins and I just rolled my eyes not thinking that was at all possible, He pushed me hard in the 3rd and final round to get through the work.  I really had no idea what my time was, I was just wanting to finish.

The last run was excruciating. I thought I was going to throw up at the end of the driveway. A momentary pause for traffic gave me the second I needed to regain my breath and avoid that outcome. Running back towards the box Marc was at the door telling me to sprint hard.  I already felt like I was but I managed to find something in the tank and lift for the last 40m.

I got through the door and was astounded when he called time at 22m36s  An improvement of over 10minutes!!!!!!!  No way! I couldn't believe that.  Last time I did this WOD I was totally flogged and worked hard.  I found it hard to believe I had improved 10mins.  I hardly thought I could do a 2min improvement.

At the end I Marc & I talked about it and he said he was really impressed with how I worked and the massive improvement. Coming from Marc who is a man of few words that meant the world to me.  I couldn't believe it.  I texted Sam to give her the result and she was surprised but pretty happy.

The amount of training I have done over the last 10 weeks is showing amazing results.  Not just in my body shape and weight loss but in my work capacity in training. I can do so much more and do it more quickly.  My weights have increased so much and I have mastered so many more movements that I thought were well beyond me.  But the telling thing for me is when i repeat these WOD's and the time improvement it unbelievable.

I stayed for the main class WOD after, because you know I needed another workout lol.

My version was

For time
Plate jumps
Knee Tucks

The actual WOD had box jumps so normally I would do step ups. Marc suggested we put some plates on the floor so I could have a more dynamic workout by jumping up. We had 6 thick weight plates. I have to say i did love the jumping vs step ups. Felt like I was working hard but more efficiently as well.  I was jumping up and then down rather than stepping off. All designed to help me get to box jumps!!!

I hate burpees as I ma not good at them at all. Hence the reason Marc suggested I do the WOD.  I am getting more mobile and better but they still kill me.

I got through the work in 15m12s so I was happy with that for a burn.

Was a massive day of training but I was (and am still), so stoked with my time PR for that Milestone WOD.

I used to be nervous each time I went to Crossfit because I wasn't sure what I would be able to do or how far behind everyone else I would be. Now I'm nervous because I can't wait to see what I can achieve. What new skill I will have developed or find a new improvement.

Love the challenge

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